Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber

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Quality Standard:Count:2.0±0.25dtex 



Molulus(0.1-0.4%) :280±20 CN/dtex

Hot Water Solubility(90℃,1hour) :≤2% 


Cut Length:5mm, 6mm 

Packing:P.P. bag, 180kg net weight (1000×550×600mm)         

12.96T/20’FCL Container 

Uses:It is the best substitution of asbestos, used in the building material industry, concrete industry and so on.It also can increase intensity of plastic and rubber.

1.PVA Fiber
Polyvinyl alcohol fiber with high strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as the main raw material, made by wet spinning process.  The product has a high modulus, high strength, low elongation, pollution-free, non-toxic, and with acid, alkali, salt, abrasion, sunlight, corrosion, enzymes borers, cracking, anti-penetration, anti-UV, antiaging properties. The essential characteristic of these reinforcements is to absorb and distribute throughout the entire length – and thus attenuate – the tensions that are created in the material by an external load applied to the object.
Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber PVA Fiber for Asbestos

2.Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Performance
 1. With the purpose of high modulus, high strength, alkali and acid resistance, heat resistance.It
 also has macromolecule material.
 2. Mainly be used in construction, cement industry, non asbestos material for heat and attrition resistance,plastic and rubber reinforcement.
 3. It is the good substitution of Asbestos.

3.Polyvinyl Alcohol fiber Specification

Material Polyvinyl Alcohol
Fiber Type filament
Diameter Around 15.0 Um
Color Light Yellow
Breaking Strength Around 1600MPa
Dry Breaking Tenacity(cn/dtex)≥ 11
Dry Breaking Elongation% 6.0-8.0
E-Modulus (cn/dtex)≥ 290
Hot water resistanceºC≥ 104
Length mm M+ -0.5
Dispersion,grade 1~3
Note:M denotes 4mm, 5mm, 4-6mm, 6mm, 8mm

4.Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber application
 (1) High strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol fiber is an excellent substitute for asbestos fibers and glass fibers.
(2) Polyvinyl alcohol fiber cement products are widely used in construction, such as fiber cement boards, tiles, pipes and so on. 
(3) High strength and high modulus PVA fiber tow in water conservancy construction, instead of steel as reinforcement belt.
(4) High strength and high modulus PVA fiber can also be used for advanced road construction, airport runways, tunnels, bridges and other construction.
(5) The production of high strength rope, safety net.
(6) Rubber tires with reinforced material for conveyor belts, fire hoses, hoses & other preparation.
(7) Plastic reinforcements.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details P.P. bag, 180kg net weight (1000×550×600mm)
Delivery Detail ABOUT 15-20DAYS


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